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AMULETTES to help us express what we're feeling. To pick up the pieces and move forward, creating a new reality full of beauty and sensitivity.  

Each piece of  ELLE jewelry is embellished with a 2mm ruby-in-square motif that holds a very special intention. The Beauty Mark serves to remind us of our own strength and inner beauty at all times... often when needed most.  


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      AMULETTE - Sand Dollar

      Sand Dollar Amulette with ELLE's 2mm created ruby Beauty Mark, and a light satin brushed finish. Exquisite details with a high polished concave reverse.

      AMULETTE - Antique Key and Ruby Heart

      Unlocking your past, moving to the future with appreciation for where you're from and how you've earned the right to be proud of who you have become. This AMULETTE represents personal...

      AMULETTE - Peace Out with Ruby Disc

      Peace out in Sterling silver, with ELLE's 2mm created ruby-Beauty Mark. Open form with an impactful straight up message to keep it together, love above all else and think good thoughts...

      AMULETTE - Pearl and Ruby disc

      Sterling Silver Amulette with the ELLE 2mm created ruby, Beauty Mark, and 10x8mm white off round pearl. Attaches to everything best.

      AMULETTE - Double Love Red Hearts

      Doubling up your love with red epoxy and ELLE's 2mm created ruby Beauty Mark. A sweet theme with all around beauty for effortless wearing.

      PETITS MYSTÈRES - Fleur de Lys Bracelet

      Sterling silver and looped leather 7.25" adjustable bracelet with a sculpted Fleur de Lys, and Heart with ruby detail.

      LINKS - Sterling Silver Geometric Loose Links Bracelet & Love Key Charm

        Two 2mm genuine rubies, 7.75" long, detachable 1.5" charm with large lobster clasp. Amulette key and heart charm is the secret touch.

      AMBROSIA - Sterling Silver Blue Topaz Bracelet

        5x 7x3mm marquise sky blue gemstones, 8" length with one fabulous ruby beauty mark.

      LATITUDE - Sterling Silver Mesh Bangle

        7" fit and fabulous at 2" length. For extra personality, an example of style latitude. Please know the piece arrives without a ribbon because it's up to you how to...

      PETITS MYSTÈRES - Blue Cross and Key Leather Slider Bracelet

      Blue epoxy double sided cross with an ornate antique key... to find the answers to your faith.  A 2mm created ruby in the ELLE Beauty Mark-heart tag. Sliding faceted beads with knots,...

      PETITS MYSTÈRES - Sterling Silver Anklet

      For all your heart's desires at an adjustable from 8 to 9.5" with a non bulky chain, and stations to keep your intentions where you want them to be. ELLE's 2mm...

      ENRAPTURE - Sterling Silver Entwined Heart Bracelet

        8" cable chain with lobster and heart motif drop. Adjustable and all around beauty. 19x20mm motif.