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AMULETTES to help us express what we're all feeling. To pick up the pieces and move forward, CREATING a new reality full of beauty and sensitivity.  

Claire Vessot designed this meaningful sterling silver ELLE jewelry collection, piece by piece, and filled each one with a rich and positive sentiment. Dimensional -all around beauty while worn, works of art, clipped to non traditional style bracelets or your own way of doing it.  A unique look because this is all new to us.  Expression to navigate your own way ahead by creating an expression of what you might be feeling.

The Beauty Mark

Each piece of  ELLE jewelry is embellished with a 2mm ruby-in-square motif that holds a very special intention.  Positioned to be seen when worn, it serves to remind us of our own strength and inner beauty at all times... often when needed most.  It’s a powerful and personal message intended for the wearer that we like to call the ‘Beauty Mark’.


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