Indulge in the fascinating world of stainless steel where  luxury and affordability meet.  STEELX allows you to express jewelry style with confidence.

A Canadian company with international styling, all proudly made of durable stainless steel.  

Praised for its strength and sleek appearance, stainless steel is the metal of choice for those wanting the sophistication of precious metals.



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      Brown & Rose Gold - Two Tone Bracelet

      Two tone rose gold and white IP plated, brown braided 8.5" leather bracelet. Sleek stainless steel styling on it's own or with smoked creamy mixes.

      BLUES - Blue Lapis and Black Lava Bead Bracelet

      Sodalite is said to help bring calmness to the mind. Lava rock is a grounding stone that is rumoured to give us strength and courage, allowing us stability through times of change....

      Golden Earring - Retro Square Edged Hugger

      For your inner pirate or love of classic rock's Radar Love, by Golden Earring. 13.5mm size with a 3.3mm high polished rail. Steelx, seamless hinge with a curved post. You can...

      STEELX - Woven Soft Box Chain with Indigo Detail 8+.05"

      When held, this 6.5mm soft-box chain has a good weight in stainless steel, and feels snakelike and cool to the touch. Spot on detail and finishing with a silky indigo coloured...

      COOL - STEELX Mixed Curb Link Bracelet 8.5"

      The same as the Cool Duo Bracelet, but by itself for that touch of glossy metal to your mix.

      EXPRESSION - STEELX Brushed Hinged 13mm Hoop Earrings

      Seamless hinged closures with a curved post, 7mm wide, with contrasting polished sides for a little extra oomph.  Stainless steel, and the right ones.

      STEELX - Stainless Steel Oval Linked Braided Black Leather Bracelet 8"

      That clasp alone. Thick and full of expression. Dressy to casual wearing, and looks great piled on with beaded bracelets. How long is your arm?

      WAVES - Antique Silver Hammered Dog Tag in Stainless Steel. 22+2"

      Intoxicating sand and watery images, evoked through this salty hammer finish and blackened metal contrast.

      DRAGON SKIN - Braided Blue Wrap Bracelet in Leather with Stainless Steel 17"

      Midnight, or navy blue braided leather with an oxidized dragon snake pattern. Really gorgeous when worn with faded jeans and distressed tan leathers. Not sure why.

      GREEN TIGER - Green Tiger's Eye and Black Agate Bracelet

      Green tiger's eye is known for being an intense and vibrant green color, but its gemstone meaning is about having 'tiger' properties to change any energy shortages, giving stamina for living in populated...