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Vessot for ELLE jewelry

Claire Vessot stands back to admire her all-time favorite ELLE jewelry creations. Contemporary sterling silver with a rhodium finish and mixable to create that special look of your own.

The Beauty Mark. Each piece of  ELLE jewelry is embellished with a 2mm ruby-in-square motif that holds a very special intention.  Positioned to be seen when worn, it serves to remind us of our own strength and inner beauty at all times. 

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      LINKS - Sterling Silver Geometric Loose Links Bracelet & Love Key Charm

        Two 2mm genuine rubies, 7.75" long, detachable 1.5" charm with large lobster clasp. Amulette key and heart charm is the secret touch.

      LATITUDE - Sterling Silver Mesh Bangle

        7" fit and fabulous at 2" length. For extra personality, an example of style latitude. Please know the piece arrives without a ribbon because it's up to you how to...

      VESSOT - The Only Sterling Silver Dark Metal Tube Ring

      Dark rhodium plated sterling silver and one of the sleekest pieces in the ‘Vessot for ELLE ‘collection. It’s interior features a logo plate with a geometric-open pattern. This detail serves as...

      SUGAR MELON - Sterling Silver Grey Agate 20" Necklace

      Grey agate 14x11mm, 20" length, double sided beauty, with reverse pictured!

      LINKUP - Sterling Silver HIGH IMPACT Style Post Earrings

      The signature ruby-in-square beauty mark is tucked away reverse so only you know it's there. A little over 4" long and completely lightweight with stamping construction for a super sleek finish....

      ENRAPTURE - Sterling Silver Entwined Heart Bracelet

        8" cable chain with lobster and heart motif drop. Adjustable and all around beauty. 19x20mm motif.

      FANTASY - White Freshwater Pearl Sterling Silver Necklace

        16+2" 8-8.5mm Pearl and just so uncomplicated and easy.  

      MERMAID SCALES - Brushed Silver Wire Hook Earrings

      Two beauty mark rubies reverse, fish hook with clear stoppers included. Scale measures 17x15mm with a light brushed finish front and polished back.

      CALYPSO - Sterling Silver Tassel Hoops

      56mm (2.2”) squared hoops with tassels. If you like a mid to large sized pair of hoops, with squared rail with a sizzling tassel that sways behind the ear in a...

      ETHEREAL - Sterling Silver Droplet Earrings

      "Light and open in a way that seems to be not of this world". Glossy polished earrings with an abundant, fluid shape where the open space is as important as the...