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Stay tuned for ongoing additions to this very exciting sterling silver collection of gorgeous ELLE jewelry, where only Vessot's personal favourites make the cut.  DESIGNER’s choice assortments are available through Instagram, Facebook message, and right here.

Please keep checking back for what lands, and feel free to contact us if you’re looking for something that’s not's about the journey.

Each piece of  ELLE jewelry is embellished with a 2mm ruby-in-square motif, that holds a very special intention.  Positioned to be seen when worn, it serves to remind us of our own strength and inner beauty at all times, and often when needed most.  It’s a powerful and personal message intended for the wearer that we like to call the ‘Beauty Mark’.

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        COMPASS ROSE -Sterling Silver Beaded Ball Ring Duo

        Available duo's in sizes 6  7  8  9  Regular retail $129.00